Installation How To

Your decals are provided with  transfer-paper pre-applied from our facility. All you need for an  absolutely perfect install right in your own driveway are the  following household items:

– a temperature of 50(F) or higher
– bottle of Windex or equivalent window cleaner
– a few paper towels
– small plastic card (ATM/Credit Card)

To begin, clean the surface of the  vehicle  with Windex. This is a strong cleanser and will ensure that all the  wax and soap residue is removed from the side of the truck so the  decal adhesive can stick properly.

Second: Separate the decal from the  backing paper. Do this by peeling apart the transfer tape and  backing paper – which may already be starting to “curl” off each  other (this is good). What you’ll have left is the decal stuck to  the transfer paper and the adhesive side exposed.

Third: Spray a misting of Windex on the spot  you want to place the decal. What this will do is provide a  “lubricant” for the decal to slide on so you can position it  perfectly, as well provide a way for the air bubbles to come out.

Finally: Once you have the decal aligned  to your liking, squeeze out all the leftover Windex fluid with your  ATM/Credit card, soaking up what comes out with the paper towels.  After you’ve got that all out, let it sit for at least an hour  (preferably over night)  so the adhesive will “take” to the side of the truck and then peel  off the transfer paper – and you’re done!